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Learn By Doing

Since it is generally agreed by most child care experts that children learn by doing, it is the philosophy of Bascomb United Methodist Preschool to operate as a ‘hands on’ school. In the daily routine of the classroom, teachers will provide direct experience and exploration of the environment in to provide active learning for the children.

Beyond the Books

It is Bascomb Preschool’s commitment to promote the educational and spiritual development of young children in a Christian environment.

Bascomb Preschool’s goal is to help your child grow in the following areas of development: cognitive, social/emotional, physical, and language. It is also our goal to prepare each child for kindergarten through the implementation of the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards which are a part of the Georgia Pre-K program. We use these standards with all of our students (birth through age 5).

Our teachers work with the students on a level that is developmentally appropriate for their age level while maintaining a pace that is on par with the specifics needs of your child. We are able to to do this by keeping our class size and student-teacher ratio low, as well as having teachers that are certified and trained in .


Four year classes use the ‘Let’s Begin with the Letter People’ curriculum (a program designed to teach phonics)
Four year classes also use ‘Handwriting without Tears’ curriculum (a program designed to teach writing)
All of our students use a thematic and integrated approach.
Experienced teachers are able to differentiate in the classroom, providing your child with individualized attention.
Enrichment activities offered in the curriculum include science lab, math lab, music/movement classroom, sensory exploration room and Bible/chapel classes once a week.

Bascomb Preschool Class Offerings 

School Year 2023-2024

               Class               Days of Class               # of Children

4-year old          5 days (M-F)                          10

4-year old          4 days (M-T)                          10

3-year old          5 days (M-F)                          10

3-year old          4 days (M-Th)                       10

3-year old          3 days (T,W,Th)                    10

2-year old          4 days (M-Th)                         9

2-year old           3 days (T,W,Th)                     9

2-year old           2 days (T,Th)                          9

Young 2s             2 days (M/W)                         6

Young 2s             2 days (T/Th)                         6


How To Register Your Child for Bascomb United Methodist Preschool

Hello and welcome to Bascomb United Methodist Preschool! We are so glad you have visited our website! If you would like more information or would like to arrange a tour, please email me ( kathi@bascombpreschool.comor call the preschool office at (770-926-0397), and we will be happy to set up a time to meet you!

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Mail For Inquiry


Fill out the enrollment application form.

2023-2024 Application for Enrollment


You will be sent an invitation to download our childcare app, called
Brightwheel where an invoice for the registration fee will be posted.


Once the fee is paid, you will be sent a link to add more information and upload your child’s immunization form.